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What is Bullying Harassment?

Bullying is when someone uses physical or emotional violence to control or intimidate another person. This can happen in schools, families, and communities across the world. It can result in major life changes, such as lower self-esteem and social isolation. This form of harassment has become a pervasive problem in today’s society. And it’s not just kids anymore. Bullying has even reached the elderly.

How to Deal with Bullying Harassment

Confront your Bully and if it Continues, File a Police Report

You have to stand up for yourself and stop all the bullying. If you face a big bully like in school, ask for help from a trusted adult such as your parents or the school counselor. They will help you with this intrusion into your private life.

Tell Parents about Bullying Harassment at School and Online

You’ve obviously told a teacher or counselor about being bullied, but you may have also been threatened and harassed by someone online. If a teacher or school counselor shows no interest in stopping the bullying, tell an administrator. If your incident is being reported by another student or if you suspect it will worsen, don’t be afraid to alert your parents to the threat.

Stay Calm and Respectful

If this kind of bullying occurs in a school or at home, then stay calm and respectful at all times right through till it stops happening. If you remain quiet, it will continue indefinitely as bullies thrive on negative responses from their victims.

You need to take responsibility for what has happened to you, but do not let the bully define how you feel about yourself or how you should feel about it. Know that you are entitled to feel upset by what has happened.

Avoid the Bully Where Possible

Sometimes, your best defense is to avoid the bully if you can’t respond in a way that will stop the bullying. When this happens, you have to let the school know and report it to your parents or guardian. The school can then take appropriate action. If it happens at home, handle it as you would if someone else was doing it to you.

Use the Buddy System

Two is better than one. Tell someone in your class or year group that you are being bullied but not tell anyone else. If possible, have a friend or two who will be able to help you and keep an eye out for you, either at school or home.

This can be done with younger friends as well as older ones. They can walk with you, play with you, and keep you company, so you are not bullied.

Get a Lawyer’s Help

If you are being harassed online, a lawyer can help you understand your rights and fight back against the bullies. They will often contact the bullies’ parents and tell them that their behavior needs to stop or be reported to police and schools if it continues.


Remember that you deserve and should be honored for your voice no matter what! The topic of bullying is on the rise due to the emergence of social media. There are many ways to create change in the daily lives of others, and the way to do so is not by allowing bullies to intimidate you but rather by taking control of your destinies. Get help today!