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The Petition:

A bully can be defined as a cruel or overbearing person to others. Primarily, bullying aims to cause humiliation in the subject. Traditionally, a bully is bigger or, in ways, stronger. In addition, the bully tends to harass those who are weaker. It is further necessary to note that bullying is not just physical behaviour. While many people think of bullying in terms of bodily harm and danger, this is not the only type of bullying harassment present. Harassment is systematically nagging someone to the point where the environment becomes dangerous to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Bullying harassment is channelled at intimidation and a desire to dominate for some reason. It has also become possible to execute bullying emotionally, verbally or electronically in recent times. This means that the bully never laid a finger on the victims, but these forms, which do not involve physical touch, are just as lethal. While it remains true that physical wounds of bullying disappear relatively quickly, it is also true that emotional trauma sustained during bullying tend to linger a while longer. Hence, emotional, verbal or electronic forms of bullying can be that lethal. Bullying was invented with the sole purpose of intimidating and terrorizing the victim. It may start as casually saying rude things to co-workers, turning friends against each other or even harassing someone electronically via texts or malicious emails. These are all forms of bullying, and these types of bullying can stigmatize the victim and cause psychological damage. Bullying is based on a narcissistic mentality, the notion that we rise by stepping down on others. This is a hazardous route to take as it can cause depression, anti-social behaviour and even substance abuse in victims. Dealing with Bullying Harassment Bullying can be a daunting experience to deal with, and however, there are ways to deal with it effectively. Since bullies tend to target those people who seem somewhat weak, here are ways you can steer clear of bullying: • Make eye contact with the bully – this sends a message that you are not afraid and can speak for yourself effectively. • Stay in public areas – stay away from isolated areas, especially where there are no authority figures. • Get a support system – many bullied will not pick on someone who has friends to defend them. Therefore, get friends with whom you can walk around and share things. • Do not comply with the bully’s demands- sometimes it is easier to run away than stay and be humiliated by a bully. • Report any bullying incident to an authority figure- it is essential to notify an authority figure when being bullied. This way, they will keep a close eye on the victim. Parents also have a role to play. Listen to your child, try not to judge, and teach your child tactics to help them avoid becoming a target. If the child is already a target, alert the teachers or approach the bully’s parents for a more conclusive resolution. Conclusively, it is always best to work with teachers and other parents to show that bullying will not be tolerated. This can be a great solution, and however, everyone must put in the work to stop bullying.