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As per the law of many states, an individual is considered a child if they are under the age of eighteen years. Such individuals are too young to be fully independent; therefore, they rely on their parents, guardians, and older siblings. Today many children are undergoing a variety of sexual exploitation and online abuse.

Child sexual exploitation is a type of sexual abuse; in this case, the culprits who have power and money take advantage of the young persons to sexually or emotionally ill-treat them. These children are manipulated in exchange for something they are desperate for; it can be money, food, drugs, gifts, affection, and much other favour.

Child sexual exploitation is one of the threats that young people undergo daily. The majority of these young children experience exploitation even without knowing they are victims. The exploitation may happen in person or on different online platforms.

Online abuse can be described as abuse that usually occurs on the internet via online gaming, social media, and mobile phones. Children face sexual abuse, online grooming, and sexual exploitation on these platforms.

People who abuse these children tend to be from the ethnic background; you will find out that they can be men, fellow young individuals, or women. In society, some children are likely to be victims of child sexual exploitation and online abuse.

The abuse and exploitation of the child do not discriminate gender, vulnerability, age, social-economic status, or sexual orientation. Now that any child can be sexually abused and exploited, young individuals who have any case of disability on them are the ones that are at risk.

Online child sexual abuse and exploitation occurs in many ways; let’s look at some of the frequent scenarios.

Indecent children images

Indecent children images are photos that expose the child’s private body parts. Images that are said to be inappropriate are the ones where the child is the act of sexual act by posing or even clothing.

Live streaming

Live streaming is another way children are sexually abused and exploited here; abusers make the child engage or watch sexual content through a webcam. In addition, the offenders may watch live or stream sexual abuse or inappropriate photos of children with other abusers.

Occasionally, these abusers go the extra mile and pay money to the coordinator to do live streaming of the abuse. The abuser engages in live streaming; the coordinator elaborates the sexual acts done to the victim.


In blackmailing, the offender uses technological measures by using some videos or sexual photos representing that young child. The abuser does this for financial gain, sexual gain, or any other form of personal interest.

Online grooming

Online grooming is a common term used to show the tactics used by offenders on the internet to exploit and abuse children sexually. With online grooming, offenders develop a bond with the child to facilitate their abuse and exploitation. Online grooming can take place both online and offline.

Online grooming is not an outcome of technology, and this problem existed in offline abuse, although not expected. Today, online grooming has been on the rise because of the prevalence of digital environment platforms. Adults and other offenders who abuse children tend to visit places where kids are situated. Therefore, grooming can take place anywhere.

Producing, retaining, and sharing prohibited images

Child abusers and exploiters take advantage of the online platforms in storing and sharing some of the indecent images of a child. The production of these prohibited images takes place on online platforms. A perfect example of the output is the screen recording of child sexual exploitation and abuse committed to live streaming.