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Stop Abusive Online Behavior

Start your Ban Request to remove abusive content.

Online Petitions against Offensive Behavior.


We value everyone’s input, especially when they are committed to doing what they can to get abusive and offensive Online Content banned.
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We envision the world where people feel safe about their lives, rights, and health. We fight for more online transparency in the Internet.
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Staying strong and united for our mission is important. Without your support, we are not able to carry on and fight for your rights..
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Our Blog

The Truth: Online Crime is everywhere

Find out more about the BANREQUEST service and recent news concerning abusive Misbehavior as well as Online Threats.

Homophobia in Social Networks
Social Media Versus the LGBTQ+ Community If you thought being proud and trans on the internet was difficult, try exuding the same passion for your community in one of the most dangerous countries on…
Cyber Harassment and Internet Hate
Technology, especially the internet has generally changed the way people interact. Social media platforms have enabled people to communicate anytime from anywhere in the world. There are high chances that you are active…
Hate Speech – U.N. Addresses Problem
In the recent past, we have witnessed disturbing instances of racism, xenophobia, and intolerance – among them persecution of Christians, anti-Semitism, and anti-Muslim hatred. Social media platforms are being used to perpetrate such…
What is Xenophobia?
Xenophobia is the extreme and intense fear of strangers or foreigners. The term comes from the Greek words "xenos" and "phobos" meaning "stranger" and "fear." Xenophobia can be directed at anyone who considers…
Social Media: Cyberbullying, Body Shaming, and Trauma 
Among the websites and apps that witness a wide number of users today are TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. These sites have their large followings cutting across different age groups that include young…
Curry Bashing: Indians abused online
What’s behind the curry-bashing?  For many years, Australia has been a favorite education destination for Indian students. But that reputation has been marred by recent events in the country. For the last three…
What is Social Media Bullying?
Cyberbullying, Online Harassment and cybersquatting must be banned.
What is Cybersquatting?
Stop Cybersquatting in Social Media. Bullying and offensive, xenophobic views must be forbidden.
Bullying and Harassment in School
Stop the Bullying! Harassment in Social Media cannot be tolerated.
Abusive Behavior and Sexual Harassment
Stop the Abusive Behavior in Social Media. Sexual Harassment cannot be tolerated and must be banned.

Save Children

Online Petition against abusive online behavior towards children.

The number of people who have taken action with us on our "Save The Children" campaign
Annual number of homicide deaths in children under 15
The number of ban requests that we successfully created
Banrequest - online petitions

Stay informed about our Children Rescue Program

We support several non-profit organizations with know-how and financial aid to fight child abuse. Join us today!



Help us safeguard the internet and protect our children in the Metaverse.


Battling Urgent

We envision the world where people feel safe about their lives and online presence. We fight for your cause and provide help for online violations on Social Media Networks.


Our users start every campaign you see on the platform. BANREQUEST.COM is used by people and organizations all across the world to initiate campaigns, mobilize supporters, and work with policymakers to find answers.

We are proud to encourage open debate and avoid censoring content, however we do remove specific content that plainly violates our Petition Guidelines, such as hate speech and incitement to violence, as do other prominent digital platforms.

  • Our petitions do what they can to fight Online Violations.
  • We encourage you to help us prevent these violations in the future.
  • Regular donations will help us carry on with the mission

Staying strong and united for our mission is important. Without your support, we are not able to carry on and fight for your rights in the Internet. Spread the word so people know what we’re doing.

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Battling Urgent Threats

We are one of the world’s foremost anti-bullying organizations, helping thousands of people every week fight bullying and the negative effects it has on their health, self-esteem, studies, and social life.
We primarily work online, through our ground-breaking website and in collaboration with online games and social media platforms. All of our work is based on innovation, and we are confident that we can and will defeat bullying.
1.5 million young people in the UK have been bullied in the last year, with half of them never informing anybody because of fear, humiliation, or a lack of trust in support institutions.
We perform world-leading research on an ongoing basis through our work with schools, colleges, and online communities to help us better understand the mechanics of bullying so that we can combat it with effective treatments.
Bullying is a societal problem, and we believe that everyone can help to reduce the impact and prevalence of bullying. This is why we work hard to change cultural attitudes and raise awareness of issues affecting young people through collaborations with celebrities, corporations, and the media.
Our attention is drawn not only to individuals who are bullied, but also to those who bully others. Bullying is a learned behavior that we will not stop until it is eradicated.

  • Our activists do what they can to identify online harassment
  • We encourage you to help us prevent online harassment tragedies in the future
  • Regular donations will help us carry on with the mission

Staying strong and united for our mission is important. Without your support, we are not able to carry on and fight for abusive online behavior. Spread the word so people know what you’re planning. Set up an event, send out invitations, and message everyone you know. Let’s make a difference today!

Here, at our support center we are willing to throw all our resources to fight for a cause, but the signed petitions really do open new opportunities. One voice can make a difference. One signature takes us to another level of problem solving. Contact us for more information on this matter, or any other petition from the online list.

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Our Actions

File your online petition on

We help you getting the ban request to the right Policy and Decision-makers.

Bullying & Harassment

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Child Abuse & Exploitation

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Sexual Abuse & Harassment

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Hate Speech & Violence

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We help to create Online Petitions

Create your Ban Request today and get abusive content banned.

If you are a victim of abusive online behavior or know about a case of Internet Misconduct, start your petition today!


Banrequest – online petitions

Ban Request is an organization dedicated to stopping online bullying, harassment and crime. We help users create ban petitions for various platforms where they are being harassed or abused. Our goal is to make the internet a safe place for everyone.


Facebook has guidelines regarding safety, objectional content, integrity and authenticity and intellectual property. The platform doesn’t allow anything that promotes or facilitates any type of exploitation, including child or adult sexual exploitation, child abuse or nudity and human trafficking.

Hate speech and violent or graphic imagery are not allowed. Sexually graphic images or sexual solicitation are also forbidden.

Facebook doesn’t allow any types of bullying or harassment. They will take down material that violates another user’s private information.

Facebook also aims for authenticity on its platform. Fake or inauthentic accounts are not allowed. They’re also attempting to regulate fake news and manipulated media. Users are not allowed to spam others or engage in inauthentic behavior.

When users post or share on Facebook, their original content is their intellectual property. Facebook also encourages users to make sure they have the right to share content that isn’t theirs before posting.


Instagram has a few safeguards in place regarding accounts, most of which are listed in their community guidelines. Users are required to be over 13 years old and cannot be convicted sex offenders. Instagram also requires accounts to be authentic. Users can be banned for impersonating another person or creating a fake account.

Users are not allowed to post another person’s private or personal information or share their intellectual property without first obtaining permission. Users are not allowed to spam others. They cannot buy likes or followers or obtain them in an unnatural way.

Instagram doesn’t allow any type of illegal activity. Hate speech, threats or any posts advocating terrorism aren’t allowed. The platform doesn’t allow any form of cyberbullying, such as shaming or degradation. Users aren’t allowed to post any type of sexual content of minors or intimate images of another person.

Instagram also has some broader regulations meant to regulate behavior that may not be illegal but can be detrimental to other users. They don’t allow any type of glorification of suicide or self-harm. Users should be uplifting and encouraging, not tearing others down, especially those who are facing adversity.

Instagram also encourages users to be thoughtful when posting about current events. Users should consider the people who may be suffering and be respectful in their images and language.


Snapchat’s founders were among the first generation to grow up with social media, and so have a slightly different perspective on its effects. They designed the app to be a place to share with personal friends, not a faceless group of followers.

Snapchat requires compliance from both users before a connection is made. Unlike other social media platforms, posts only last for a short time and can’t be pulled back up later.

Users who are under 18 are not allowed to have a public profile. The company is working on an algorithm to keep minors out of the Quick Add feature, which lets users discover new people.

Snapchat doesn’t allow sexually explicit content, including the sexual exploitation of children. Bullying and harassment are against their guidelines. Someone may not contact you through another account once you’ve blocked them. If someone posts a picture of you, they must remove it if you ask them.

Snapchat doesn’t allow images of violence or posts that glorify violence, terrorism or self-harm. Posts promoting hate speech and hate groups are also prohibited. Snapchat cannot be used for any type of illegal activity.


Twitch doesn’t allow any content that promotes hate speech or harassment. Users are allowed to discuss these issues, but only for the purpose of education or satire. Twitch guidelines are very specific about the type of hateful and harassing content that isn’t allowed and regards what users can say, wear and promote in their videos. Usernames and emotes must also comply with community guidelines.

Any form of sexual or physical harassment isn’t tolerated. Users aren’t allowed to target another user for harassment or encourage others to do so. Sexually explicit content is prohibited. Users are expected to wear appropriate clothing. Games also cannot contain nudity or pornographic material.

Any game that violates Twitch community guidelines is prohibited. Games that are rated for adults are also forbidden.

Any content created by a user is their intellectual property. Users aren’t allowed to use other users’ content without permission.

In addition to guidelines about how users behave on the platform, Twitch also has guidelines about how their creators behave on other online platforms and in the real world. Users who engage in hate speech, violent crime, terrorism and other extreme offenses will be removed from the platform.


Twitter doesn’t allow any illegal activities. Harassment, bullying and hate speech aren’t allowed. Twitter doesn’t want anyone to feel like they’re not safe on the platform and prohibits any form of abuse. They also don’t allow sexual exploitation of minors or the use of sexual content without the person’s consent.

Twitter users may not misrepresent themselves and cannot use the platform as a manipulation tool, such as in elections. Users aren’t allowed to post fake news.

Users may not post another person’s private information without their consent. They’re also not allowed to impersonate another person.


YouTube doesn’t allow any forms of hate speech on its platform. Sexual harassment and bullying are forbidden. Users may not post any sort of symbols representing violent criminal or terrorist organizations.

YouTube does allow violent or graphic content, but there are guidelines. If the content is used in context, then it’s likely okay. However, if the content is only meant to shock or disgust viewers, then it’s not allowed.

Users aren’t allowed to post videos that incite violence or dangerous behavior. While these types of videos are allowed in context, videos that encourage users to try a potentially harmful challenge are against community guidelines.

Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.